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MugShotz-Pint_Glass_AdvertisingPint Glass Advertising works well. Mugshotz will put your advertising message directly into the hands of 100s of potential clients every single day. The MugShotz pint glass system is without doubt the best way to promote your local company. Being seen on our pint glasses can make your business grow! Wouldn’t it be nice if your local ads actually worked?  We give you the highest exposure low cost in their face attention grabbing message available. You message will be seen and you will be talked about. Our pint glass advertising will be seen. You will be noticed!

MugShotz pint glass advertising will exclusively feature your company on our advertising pint glasses. We can help you dominate your local market, when we place you on our glasses and then place them in the hottest local spots in town.

Having your local ad on our pint glasses WILL get you noticed, they touch it the see it and most importantly they will remember you. Do you know when you choose to advertise with MugShotz pint glass advertising you are the only featured local company of your type featured on that project. We offer this promise of exclusivity as long as you want.

People will make you the topic of discussion as they stare at your ads for hours and talk about it for days. Just knowing your business uses pint glass will always become the topic of discussion at the table for a captive audience day after day should tell you why we have a renewal rate of nearly 75%. Every single person in any of our establishments will study your company message like they are cramming for a big exam. With our new scan to win QR Codes placed on all of our ad pint glasses they will now have total and instant recall. They will not forget you!

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