Free Pint Glasses for Your Establishment

We will give your establishment FREE Pint Glasses with your logo. Would you like a way to cut a portion of pint-glass-ads-tabbys-landon-ohioyour overhead costs and give back to your business community at the same time? Our unique advertising system will enable you to do just that! Mugshotz provides high-quality FREE pint glasses to business like yours at ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU! That’s right! Up to 300, 16 ounce, quality beverage glasses, to you ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE! Your establishment can now become a local networking hotspot for local business owners!.

Here’s how the system works: We supply every one of our establishment owners with a brand new shipment of pint glasses every 6 months. Every pint glass we produce for your establishment has a reserved space just for you. A custom banner in your choice of colors with your company’s business name and any other information you like. One of our representatives will meet with you to place an order for your glasses, assist you with the choice of colors, font and information for your banner. With limited ad space of 6 to 8 spaces per glass, any company you would like to see on your glasses are always given priority.

We ask establishment owners simply to use the pint glasses that were produced by MugShotz exclusively for 6 months. Six months after the date of delivery we will pick them up, or you can give them to your customers as souvenirs. We will continue to give you free pint glasses every 6 months with new advertising for as long as you like! The best part of our advertising program is you never have to include the cost of glasses in your overhead again! Now more than ever, you know every dollar you cut from your overhead counts towards increasing your profits!

To get MugShotz pint glasses in your establishment TODAY, call our office anytime at 513-485-5983 or contact us by email to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives to see our samples and to start increasing your profits NOW!